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NY Ozone R1 V1 13 kvm 2017

NY Ozone R1 V1 13 kvm 2017

Komplett med kontrollbar, liner og sekk!



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Merke Ozone
After the huge success enjoyed by the Ozone Chrono both on and off the race circuit, the team stepped things up a gear with the new R1. Make no mistake this is an all-out high performance machine, aimed at the racer looking for the ultimate kite, or the freerider looking to go super fast and have an absolute weapon at the beach.

Ozone are no stranger to making foils; the Chrono arguably reshaped the racing scene a couple of years ago, but more than that they have been at the top of the paragliding game for decades. They have taken all their knowledge from the development of these styles of wings and put them into the R1.

The kite is very high aspect with a high cell count to offer unbridled performance. The higher number of cells reduces the “ballooning effect” between each cell to give more control over the shape of the wing. This, in turn, means a lot more work at the factory, but when you first look at this kite, you can see the hours that have gone into it during the production process. There are internal span-wise straps that work together with diagonal ribs to distribute the loads evenly helping to keep the foil as rigid as possible.