Naish Triad (19/20)
Naish Triad (19/20)
Naish Triad (19/20)
Naish Triad (19/20)

Naish Triad (19/20)

Velg størrelse, oppgi ønsket farge og om du ønsker kontrollbar


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Merke Naish
The new Triad, is much more than an evolution of the Ride, it’s been redesigned and re-engineered. We’ve taken the original iconic user-friendly design and
developed it further to be even more versatile and provide a whole new riding experience.
This new, three-strut frame provides greater stability. The center luff strut creates great low end power, allowing the kite to drift and providing great sheet-inand-
go. The stiffer center also increases the Triad’s wind range, providing improved handling in stronger winds and gusty conditions. It also allows us to move
the two outer struts lower for a more direct bar feel and improved turning ability.
Its low aspect ratio and gradual curve in the wingtip produce smooth turns and very predictable flying. This is perfect for anyone who prefers steady movements
over a more punchy kite.
Mistakes are minimal with the Triad, so no need to worry if you oversheet it, dive it too hard, or overfly your kite. It also has great wing stability when resting on
the water—so you have plenty of time to make adjustments before relaunching.
Smooth-flying, stable and forgiving, the Triad gives riders plenty of time to react and plenty of room to grow, so you’re in complete control at all times. From
complete beginners, to kiters looking to improve, to those seeking an easy-riding experience, anyone looking for an easy to control kite will enjoy the Triad.

1. Quad-Tex Ripstop Fabric = Stiffest, strongest canopy material on the market
2. Shark Teeth Trailing Edge = Reduces weight while minimizing & dispersing canopy flutter
3. Reduced Leading Edge Taper = Solid feel + stability + control in high winds
4. Luff Strut = Adaptable & sturdy framework for great low end
5. 3-Strut Design = Light & sturdy structure
6. Bladder Lock = Secures bladder ends & prevents slippage
7. HT Plus = Strong, high-tensile thread fortifies the leading edge

Easy to control, the Triad is great for kiters looking for a smooth-flying, easy-to-handle kite or anyone that wants to
improve their skills.

Stable & Neutral When Not Engaged Effortless Water Relaunch Amazing Wing Stability (when resting on the water)
Forgiving Control Easy Handling Great Sheet-in-and-go Smooth Power Delivery

This 3-strut platform makes it the easiest, most versatile kite around.