F-One Trax HRD Lite Tech 2019

F-One Trax HRD Lite Tech 2019

A comfortable ride for everyone


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Merke Fone
The F-One trax has been one of the most popular twintips on the market for years. This owes the Trax to a forgiving character and a very good ride in all circumstances. The Trax HRD rides wonderfully on flat water, but in the waves you really notice how easy this board carves. The HRD construction ensures that the rail of the board can be shaped in 3D. The three sections of the rail gives the board unparalleled control and smooth riding through chop. In the middle the board has a thin rail for a nice grip, but under the feet the board gets a rounder surf rail to easily carve over chop. At the tips, the rail is slightly thinner for a great pop and good grip.

This F-One Trax has a Lite Tech construction, patented by the builders of Rossignol Snowboards. This keeps the design of the Trax good for years, without fading. The Trax offers a smooth ride without unwanted spray. This board feels completely at home in the waves. The Trax 2019 has a fine flex, good pop and lands very comfortable and easy. The choice for beginnners to advanced freeriders who want to cruise.

· Helical Rail design
· Lite Tech
· 3D deck structure
· Extra thin tips
· Wood Core
· Concave Step Design
· Unibox fins