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Naish Stomp 2017
Naish Stomp 2017
Naish Stomp 2017

Naish Stomp 2017

Kitebrett, komplett med pads og finner



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Merke Naish
Performance Freestyle/Wakestyle

The Stomp offers riders the best of all worlds: superior freestyle and freeride performance with the advantages of a wakestyle-inspired design. Ideal for aggressive wakestyle riders using footstraps or boots, this board delivers insane drive, edging and pop.
The Medium-to-high rocker grants ample pop, while delivering a smooth ride in chop. Its tapered rails reduce weight in the tips, defining the edges for increased grip and solid directional stability.
The newly developed 3D bottom shaping utilizes center razor channels for increased edging performance and trapezoidal skidplates with a large vertical area for unmatched grip when loading for a huge maneuver.