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Naish Pivot 2016 10kvm

Naish Pivot 2016 10kvm

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Kontrollbar valg: Torque ATB (depowerline over kontrollbaren) og Torque BTB (depowerline under kontrollbaren - ANBEFALT)

Predictable power development, direct bar feel, intuitive steering and plenty of “sheet-in-and-go” are just a few characteristics that make the Pivot one of the most sought-after kites on the market. Adapting to a wide variety of wind and wave conditions, this kite features a medium aspect ratio for substantial low-end power, easy jumping and great upwind performance. Dynamic and responsive, it pivots quickly and easily on a small axis of rotation—with minimal power increase through turns—for super-smooth carving through waves and enhanced control going into and out of kiteloops. Now constructed with Quad-Tex—the most advanced kite canopy material in existence—the Pivot is livelier and more responsive than ever. The stronger, stiffer fabric transfers energy more directly putting riders in complete control. Easy-handling, well-rounded and incredibly versatile, it’s clear to see how the Pivot has become the all-around choice for everyone, everywhere.

Sizes: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14
Quad-Tex - strongest kite canopy material on the market featuring 4x-reinforced ripstopPrecision turns on a small axis with minimal power increase in the turn“Sheet-in-and-go” feel + easy jumping
ABS Bridle for consistent forward drive + maximum depower + no back-stalling
Quick water relaunch
Natural drifting effect
Canopy Stabilizer
Constant leading edge taper
High-flow Valve