Naish Boss 2018
Naish Boss 2018
Naish Boss 2018
Naish Boss 2018

Naish Boss 2018



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Varenummer NAI-BOSS-XS
Merke Naish
No longer do you have to sacrifice support for movement with the 2018 Boss waist harness. Updated for 2018, the Boss features an all new outline, which gives riders greater range of motion, freedom of movement and a hefty boost in support. A stiff back panel features a double layer of pre-shaped PE plates in the back, which—coupled with redesigned 3D shaping, delivers better load spread and support without sacrificing its compact, low profile. The spreader bar features an ergonomic memory foam pad with extensions that insert into the sides of the harness—locking the bar into place.

Locked-in Bar Pad
Low Profile Memory Foam Bar Pad
Click-in Spreader Bar
3D-fit Technology
Load-spreading Structure
Contoured Side Shape
Double Spreader Bar Straps
Low Back Shape
Dual Tension Belt
Heavy-duty Handle Pass Leash
Neoprene Buckle Covers
Soft Rounded Edges