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Bamboo comfort This is the perfect accessory to change before and after riding, plus it will get you warm and dry in a minute. Poncho is a widely used product, but we've been looking for awarmer, softer, cleaner and greener product. We chose bamboo fabric for mainly two reasons: The Bamboo material has many great caracteristics: - Ultra soft feeling - Absorbs water three to four times better than a regular cotton - Dries twice as fast as other materials - Naturally bacteriostatic - Naturally hypo-allergenic And a reduced impact on earth: - Bamboo farming needs four times less water than cotton - Grows without fertilizers and pesticides - Absorbs 30% more CO2 than a tree, create 30% more oxygen. - Prevents deforestation: Can grow 1 meter per day. - Prevents erosion because of its long roots
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