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Merke: Obrien
The Celebrity is just the right size so that the whole family can feel comfortable learning to ski or launching a massive spray! A flatter, faster rocker line reduces drag, allowing for hours of skiing with less fatigue. Length: 64",65",68" Fin: Plastic Bindings: X7 Adj. Bindings Foot Size: MENS 4.5 - 13
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Merke: Obrien
Got slalom skiers and combo skiers in the same family? Then the Performer Pro is for you! Built to be easy to get up on like our other combos, but with features usually found only on higher performance slalom skis, the Performer Pro is the best of both worlds. With an Aluminum A.R.C. Fin, and fully-padded slalom caliber X-9 bindings, this is the pair that bridges the gap between slaloms and combos. Bindings: W/X8 RT STD